Attorney General Kane Issues Statement on Supreme Court Ruling Regarding Same Sex Marriage

Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane today released the following statement regarding the United States Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage:

“Today’s landmark Supreme Court decision affirming the legality of same sex marriage is a victory not only for same sex couples, their families and children, but affirms the rights of all citizens for equal treatment under the law. Our great nation spends billions of dollars protecting the civil rights of human beings around the world.  It is appropriate that in our system of justice, we vigorously defend our Constitution in every instance and protect the civil liberties of those here at home as well.”

In July 2013, Attorney General Kane announced that her office would not represent the parties in defending DOMA indicating that the statute was legally “wholly unconstitutional.”  At the time, Kane added: “It is time in Pennsylvania to end another wave of discrimination.”

This decision was announced at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.  As a result, an impeachment resolution against AG Kane was brought before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, but failed to pass.

Today’s decision of the United States Supreme Court affirms that the action of Attorney General Kane was based on strong moral, ethical and legal grounds.

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