Beatles! Welcome To iTunes!

The Beatles are now available on iTunes. The two sides – Apple Corps & iTunes – have traded lawsuits since 1978, when the Beatles alleged that the computer maker, incorporated as Apple Computer in 1977, infringed on the band’s trademark in the name and logo of Apple Corps.”

The Wall Street Journal notes, “The Beatles-iTunes agreement represents a watershed in a fraught, decades-long relationship between two of the biggest icons in their respective fields.
“We love the Beatles and are honored and thrilled to welcome them to iTunes,” said Apple CEO Steve Jobs in the press release. “It has been a long and winding road to get here.

Apple wrote in a press release: 13 legendary remastered studio albums with iTunes LPs, the two-volume “Past Masters” compilation and the classic “Red” and “Blue” collections are available for purchase and download on iTunes® worldwide as either albums or individual songs. Fans can also get a special digital “Beatles Box Set” featuring the “Live at the Washington Coliseum, 1964” concert film, a worldwide iTunes exclusive which captures the Beatles’ very first US concert.” Most of them cost: albums $12.99, double albums – $19.99. Individual songs are available for $1.29 each. There is also a box set for $149, and video footage.

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