Black Pastors Still Treat Congregations As “Black First, Americans Second”

Recently I received a News Max email that stated Black Ministers are recommending their parishioners sit on their hands and stay home from the polls in the upcoming Presidential election.

The reasoning was a very solid argument which stated Obama’s sudden turn to supporting Gay Marriage on one side; and the Church of Latter Day Saints ban on Black Ministers on the other.

My first gut instinct was to compare the two and come to the conclusion that many of you have come too, and that is that these two are equally bad! As I was lying in bed listening to the Brain Chatter moving through my head, (“Brain Chatter” termed by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D. in her book “My Stroke of Insight) I realized I too had taken the bait and fallen right into the trap. The “Black American Trap”!

You see on its face this is a good argument and it depicts a fantastic reason for Blacks to not lay down their vote to Obama and the Democrats. As homosexuality is basically looked upon as a sin in the Black Church, and any good or decent Black Minister would vigorously encourage and instruct his flock to turn away from anyone who placed its acceptance in the public square.

I know on a personal level I was extremely offended that the first perceived “Black President”  whom is to be a role model for all little Black boys and girls would state that his stance on the issue changed at the behest of his two daughters, “children”, over dinner at the White House; sickened me to my core! Thus one can see how the Leaders of the Black Clergy could, should, and most likely would line up strongly and unified against such an aversion to the biblical principal that marriage is between a man and a woman.

However, if we take a look at the other side of the argument that candidate Romney is a Mormon and that the Church he represents has or has had a ban on Black Ministers on its face is equally as strong! With one exception, I have never seen in my 55 years on this earth a congregation that was entirely black which was represented by a “White” minister! Now there may be one somewhere in this country, but I do not believe there are two! Three? Not on your life! That said, I realized that I too had once again fallen into the “Black Trap”; taken the bait, bought the excuse for Black voters to remain Black first, and Americans second!

You see, if there is a reason that can be found to stay black and back the Democrats, who by the way have taken GOD himself out of their party platform which the President must oversee and approve; then simply returning him after outrage and disdain on a fraudulent vote! When asked about the so called oversight, spokespersons for the party stated they didn’t see any big deal “G O D” is just a word.

Based on that alone one would think these Black Ministers would rally around the flag and tell their flocks to head to the polls and let the world know they are “AMERICANS” FIRST, and that they will be very much a part of the process that our ancestors fought and died for, the right to exercise their VOTE!

When will the clergy police itself and bring forth the acceptance our acceptance as Americans first and Black individuals second.



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