Boris Nemtsov Killing Shoked Society

A leading Russian opposition politician and former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov, has been shot dead Friday night in central Moscow .

An unidentified attacker in a car shot Mr Nemtsov four times in the back as he crossed a bridge in view of the Kremlin. Police said Nemtsov was walking with a young woman visiting him from Ukraine, who was not hurt. Police were questioning her all night.

Boris Nemtsov died hours after appealing for support for a march on Sunday in Moscow against the war in Ukraine.

Investigators said the murder could have been “a provocation aimed at destabilising the country”. In a statement they said, that several motives for the killing were being considered including “Islamic extremism”.

According to Itar-Tass news agency , President Vladimir Putin was “immediately” informed about Nemtsov’s murder and said Kremlin will oversee the investigation.

A Putin spokesman said the president said it looks like a contract killing that could be a provocation ahead of an opposition march set for Sunday.

After police removed body of Boris Nemtsov , weeping mourners placed flowers and lit candles on the spot where he was gunned down.

Mr Nemtsov, 55, served as first deputy PM under President Boris Yeltsin in the 1990s but fell out of favour with Mr Putin and became an outspoken opponent, particularly on the Ukraine conflict.

Secretary of State John Kerry expressed shock and sadness. “Boris Nemtsov committed his life to a more democratic, prosperous, open Russia, and to strong relationships between Russia and its neighbors and partners, including the United States.

“His absence will be deeply felt in Russia and around the world. The United States urges the Russian authorities to act expeditiously to investigate and bring to justice those responsible.  Our thoughts are with the Russian people and with Nemtsov’s family and friends as we mourn his loss.”

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  1. Nikos Retsos says:

    I see a wild-goose chase across the Western media today to implicate Vladimir Putin in the assassination of a Russian opposition Boris Nemtsov. And all of them are insinuating that somehow president Vladimir Putin was behind his assassination. Putin has an 87% public approval rating. Is really Putin so worry about losing the next election from someone that may have a 5% or 10% public support in Russia that he would orchestrate his assassination? Another probability mentioned was that Boris Nemtsov was preparing a report with evidence of Russian involvement in East Ukraine! Really? The world knows that Russia is involved there, 100%, and the evidence confirms that in the Eastern Ukrainian battlefields! Some may say: “Yes, but Russia deny this!” Sure it does. That standard diplomatic protocol. The U.S. deny that it masterminded the overthrow of Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi, and Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait deny that they have created and still support the Islamist State. Also, the week Barack Obama visited Saudi Arabia, the Saudis be-headed a dozen political opponents of the King, but the Western media was “hush-hush” and reported nothing! Today Obama condemned the killing of Nemtsov, but he said nothing for the 12 beheaded Saudi opponents of the Saud dynasty. If beheading opponents by the ISIS is barbaric, why isn’t barbaric when our allies beheading their opponents do?

    To ensure that there is no official cover up in the investigation, president Putin announced that he will supervise the investigation himself. But even then the U.S. media scoffed at the idea as “A fox investigating a break-in of a chicken coop.” (PBS Public Radio, Feb, 20, 2015) That is Putin Putin lynching – and certainly is not really news. Putting would have been an idiot to have ordered the assassination of Boris Nemtsov because he knew that the killing of a political opponent would have created a gargantuan opportunity for the western media to portray him as Stalinist killer. Boris Nemtsov was a vehement opponent of Russian involvement in Ukraine, and I bet that some Russian ultra-nationalists saw him as a Russian traitor and decided to take him out! But another Reuters report today on Nemtsov’s murder reveals that he had other enemies, too, both inside and outside the Russian political
    establishment, and that he had an arrogant and brusque attitude!

    Unfortunately, killing nowadays has come to include two definitions: a) “Murder” – when our political opponents do it. b) “Justice” – when we or our allies do it!
    Nikos Retsos, retired professor, Chicago


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