Bucks County Man Killed His Ex-wife and Injured Her Daughter

Bucks County man shot to his ex-wife, injured the woman’s daughter and shot a police officer in the chest in a shooting spree in Lower Southampton and Northampton on Thursday night, local media reported. Then he sped away.

He was identified as Kenneth Philipp, 50-year-old. According to authorities said, he killed the woman, woman’s daughter and a Northampton Township police officer were delivered to the hospital.The officer, who was struck in the chest, was wearing a bullet proof vest.

Kenneth Philip was found dead in his Lincoln Town Car after a shootout with police in Northampton, miles from the scene where the woman was killed. It was not clear if shots from the officer’s gun killed Philipp or if he took his own life.

” Bullet casings, a shotgun on the ground and the suspect’s body was visible at the scene in the usually quiet neighborhood of Holland in Northampton Township,” CBS News said.

Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler said to CBS News, that “Phillip had just got out of county prison a few weeks ago, for a crime related to violent act against the victim.” A police source said Philipp had threatened to kill his ex-wife on Wednesday. Maybe because, she who accused him of violating a protection from abuse order in November. He was sentenced.

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