California Wine and U.S. Beef Make a Perfect Pair

On June 14th, Ambassador McFaul together with the Wine Institute of California and the U.S. Meat Export Federation hosted a summer wine and beef promotion at the Ambassador’s residence, Spaso House.  Over 200 guests representing Moscow’s food and beverage industry tasted wines from nine Russian importers and two American exporters seeking to enter the market – a total of 59 brands of California wine and even a few Washington State wines.

California wine – which is world renowned for its high quality and value – is growing in popularity in Russia as more and more Russians have the opportunity to try and become fans.  Among the most popular styles are California Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.  Having lived in California for many years, Ambassador McFaul has firsthand experience with the breadth and depth of California wines and declared that California wines are “number one” in the world!  A declaration that has been backed up in several international blind tastings!

Guests were also treated to a grilling seminar and deliciously juicy U.S. beef, veal and ribs.  American beef is already very popular in Russia and it continues to gain admirers.  Russian consumers can find U.S. beef and veal in many major supermarkets and fine dining establishments and those numbers continue to grow.  Beef from U.S. cattle are uniquely tender and juicy because cattle breeders in the United States have developed the finest breeds available for beef production, and they feed the cattle high quality U.S. corn which leads to exceptionally marbled beef.  Having grown up in Montana, which is a major cattle-producing state in the United States, Ambassador McFaul was proud to showcase U.S. beef at the promotional event.

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