Caylee Anthony’s Case

Casey Anthony, the mother of the murdered two-year-old girl, Caylee Anthony, continues to plea her innocence in the case. There’s a plethora of firm facts that are not exactly boding well for Casey’s defense. For starters, Caylee was not reported missing until one month after she was last seen. Caylee’s body, which was proved to have been in the trunk of Casey’s car, had chloroform around her.

A search history of the mother’s computer shows 83 searches on chloroform days before her daughter’s death. The murdered child’s grandmother, not mother, was the one who reported her missing. Also, Casey was not exactly known as an exemplary mother. Before being arrested for the murder, she was brought in on charges of child-neglect. As of last year, it was proved that Caylee Anthony was, at one point, in the trunk of her mother’s car. The defense’s case: there’s no proof Casey was the one driving. The most recent update in the case is that duct-tape was used in the murder.

While this neither proves nor disproves Casey Anthony’s involvement, it shows that there was absolute intentional harm meant to the little girl; and that her death in no way was an accident. Prosecutors are saying that Casey smothered Caylee with duct tape wrapped around her head, nose, and mouth. The defense lawyer, up until the finding of the duct tape, had said that Caylee accidentally drowned in the Anthony’s backyard pool. Findings recently have shown that the body already started slight decomposition before being placed in the trunk of Casey’s car. Everyone called up to the stand, whether a prosecutor or defense witness, claimed to have been subject to the overwhelming smell of a dead body.

Last Thursday, jurors wiped their eyes as Casey turned her head away when photos were shown of the found skull of Caylee, with duct tape still on the forehead. This was the first day of the trial that the grandparents were not in the courtroom.

On June 11th, it was determined that the decomposing body of the little girl was moved twice after the murder. Whatever evidence Casey Anthony’s lawyers have to disprove these charges and clear their client’s name better be extremely convincing at this point. As for now, Casey is looking to spend life behind bars or, because it is a capital case, waiting for an electric chair for the death of her little girl.

Danielle Petersen

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