Cheesecake War: Philly vs NYC!

‘CESCA New York, NY Slugs it Out Again with Davio’s Philadelphia, PA to Determine Which City Has the Best Cheesecake!

“You know what they call cheesecake in Italy? ‘Philadelphia!’ It’s time to finally decide which cheesecake takes the cake- Philadelphia or New York,” said Ettore Ceraso, General Manager of Davio’s Philadelphia about an upcoming challenge between New York and Philadelphia to determine which city has the best cheesecake in celebration of national cheesecake day on July 30th, 2012. The Northern Italian Steakhouse is known for their classic and creative desserts including their signature Oreo Cookie Crunch and alcohol infused “Ice Pops” created by Pastry Chef Thomas Heck.

In seeking a fair competitor, Davio’s did their research last year throwing the gauntlet down to ‘CESCA an upscale Italian eatery on Manhattan’s upper west side who has been noted as one of the best places to get cheesecake at a restaurant in New York City. Since the results were a tie last year, Davio’s will be pitting their new “Orange Creamsicle” cheesecake against ‘CECA’s classic “Mascarpone cheesecake with orange cream and orange brittle.”

According to ‘CESCA General Manager Todd Whiteman “There is no dessert more universal than the cheesecake and it offers something for everyone. We are proud of our cheesecake and are willing go up against some of the best.”

Each restaurant will ship their cheesecake desserts to the others’ restaurants with serving instructions. From Thursday, July 26th, 2012 to Saturday, July 28th, 2012, guests that order the ‘Cheesecake War Dessert’ will be served 1/2 portions of both the Philly-favorite and ‘CESCA’s acclaimed New York dessert on a plate along with a comment cards. With the honor system at work, each restaurant will tally their numbers and announce the winner live on each other’s Twitter and Facebook pages along with a photograph of the losing restaurants general manager wearing the other cities baseball jersey and eating a little humble pie.

The Cheesecake War Dessert special is $10.00 and is available July 23rd, 2012 – July 27th, 2012 during dinner service only at ‘CESCA located at 164 West 75th Street, New York, NY. Phone: 212-787-6300 Web: and at Davio’s Philadelphia located at 111 South 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA. Phone: 215-563-4810 Web:

The winner will be announced on National Cheesecake Day, July 30th, 2012 via social media by both restaurants!

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