City Of Philadelphia & Police Department Release Crime Incindent Data

The City of Philadelphia, in partnership with the Philadelphia Police Department, released City crime incident data to the public under the Open Data Policy.  The most recent, 30-day information of incidents of crime is accessible on the City mapping portal ( and crime data from January 2006 forward is available for download on the City’s open data directory website (

“The benefit of releasing crime incident data is two-fold,” said Mayor Michael A. Nutter.  “It demonstrates our Administration’s commitment to open and transparent government for the benefit of every Philadelphian and it encourages our citizens to take a more active role in their own safety by learning about crime in their community.”

The crime incident data available totals nearly 600,000 individual crime records.  It includes major crime data, such as homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault and motor vehicle theft.  The crime incident location is also available.

“The Philadelphia Police Department and the City of Philadelphia’s partnership in making this important data accessible to the citizens that we serve is yet another indication of us moving forward in this technology and information age as well as of our continued quest to maintain transparency and the highest level of integrity. We are pleased to be a part of this latest innovation and we encourage citizens to access the data relating to the crimes and incidents that occur within their communities,” said Police Commissioner Ramsey.

Chief Innovation Officer Adel Ebeid added, “As a part of the Mayor’s open government initiative, we are working with a number of City department and agencies to identify valuable data that can be made available to the public.  The Philadelphia Police Department is one of the most data savvy departments in City Government, and their leadership in partnering with us and making this information available to the public cannot be overstated.”

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