Crimea Crisis Triggers Flood of Women from Eastern Europe

The world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site recently saw numbers double of women from Eastern Europe joining the site, likely triggered by the crisis in Crimea.

During the month of March,, the world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating website, has seen a large increase in women from Eastern Europe joining the site to seek a western Sugar Daddy. The online dating site that matches wealthy men (sugar daddies) and women seeking to meet a wealthy man (sugar babies), has seen the number of potential sugar babies joining the site from Eastern Europe more than double since the crisis in Crimea and Ukraine began approximately one month ago.

On average, about 500 women from Eastern Europe join the site each month, or about 1% of the 60,000 new members who join the site each month. But since the Crimea crisis began, the number of sugar babies joining the site from Eastern Europe has increased to almost 1,100 per month. The uptick may steady over time, but the statistics provide a likely correlation to the current geopolitical environment. A sampling of profiles and messages sent by the women in areas threatened by the events have shown many of the women expressing willingness or even a desire to relocate to the West with help from a Sugar Daddy.

“The crisis in Eastern Europe points out only one of the many situations causing economic insecurity that women all around the world and right here in the U.S. often still face today,” says Gautam Sharma, Founder of “And the assistance of a supportive man can sometimes be of great value and comfort to a woman in her time of need. A Sugar Daddy can provide a safe haven for a woman when she has nowhere else to turn. He can be a mentor and help someone he cares for get back on their feet to start a more successful and happier life, and what’s wrong with that?”

Political and economic trends have caused numbers to shift before. In response to last year’s government shutdown the website allowed furloughed workers to join for free to help relieve financial hardship caused by a lack of work. The website routinely tracks statistics and trends as the largest and widest reaching sugar daddy dating site.

The ongoing crisis in Crimea and the threat of further aggression by Russia into other Eastern European countries with Russian minorities will likely cause the trend to continue in the coming months.

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