Decision Points

For a long time the 43rd American president George W. Bush was silent. But in early November this year you can buy his book of memoirs “Decision Points”.

According to some estimates, there are more than one million printed copies. Before the release of the book, former head of the White House gave his first major interview since leaving the presidency, and for two years, avoided reporters.

In his memoirs, Bush is telling, in particular, about the terrorist attack on Sept. 11,  which hasn’t stopped worrying the public. He writes that secret services were not competent to prevent the impending tragedy. Nevertheless, the former CIA chief George Tenet said in his autobiography that the security services were warning about the possible danger of attack on the “Twin Towers”. And this is not the only statement of warning the White House about plans of “Al Kaeda”.

In 477 pages of memoirs, Bush recalls the most important and tragic events of history for the two periods of his presidency: Hurricane “Katrina”, the war in Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, the beginning of the economic crisis.
From this book, which critics have already called a “very personal” one, readers will discover many unknown pages of the life of ex-president, and learn the details of making “key decisions” in the era of one of the most unpopular U.S. presidents.

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