Do You Want to Buy Louis Vuitton Bag?

Now the price of Louis Vuitton bags of there monogram collection and other leather goods due to the shortage and preparing for the Christmas rush are raising, according to the latest reports. The increase is between 0% and 9%, depending on the bag.

The move also comes a fortnight after Louis Vuitton decided to close Parisian shops an hour early to conserve stock in the run-up to Christmas, while analysts believe the decision was made to bridge the gap between Asian prices and those in European countries in which the euro is not the currency.

The luxury brand has taken the measure because of rises in material prices such as leather and cotton, three months after issuing a 2% price increase.

They (Louis Vuitton) admitted they had “a pricing gap problem, with Japan and China too high vs Europe,” – said luxury goods analyst Luca Solca.

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