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Office furniture is an important asset to any company or business.

One of the most important things in business is the image your company represents.

Philadelphia based company E. I. and Design Group could present your business or firm with a complete office design – beginning with the wall paneling, all the way to the final details such as a light fixture which adds the finishing touch to an office of class and sophistication.

This company follows three basic principles – ergonomics, innovation, and style.

All of the furniture is made with spectacular domestic and European craftsmanship. It consists of a perfect combination between solid wood, gorgeous wood veneer, and accents of fine Italian leather and other prestigious materials.

When furniture of E. I. and Design Group is constructed, ergonomics plays a large role. Your physicality is taken into consideration and the furniture is built based on what is most suitable for you.

Each desk can also be made to suit your business needs. Electrical outlets are customizable based on the technology your business requires for its everyday tasks.

The goal of E. I. and Design Group is to assist you our client, your designer or architect in finding the image you are seeking, and for the furniture to optimize a business mogul’s work, conference, and relaxation area.

In today’s day and age, most of the time spent is in the work environment. And it is very important to incorporate a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to the work place. Even the most elite of businesses designate an area for relaxation.

There are four collections E. I. and Design Group offers based on a clients  personal taste preference and office design. The Executive collection, Excelsior collection, Imperial collection, and Commercial line are all unique to one another and possess their own style and flair.

E. I. and Design Group would be happy to personally accommodate you in your office design, yet we also welcome your own personal architects and designers to contact and work with us in creating a design that fulfills your every need.

Include E. I. and Design Group in your next office design project and will stand by promise to give you the image your business desires.

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2801 Grant Ave., • Philadelphia • Pennsylvania • 19114

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