Ed Bronstein: About Neighborhood

“This show will consist of paintings done around Center City, Philadelphia, with specific interest in the artist’s local neighborhood, the Fitler Square area. The paintings are mostly oils, the smallest consisting of “vignettes” of buildings highlighting the visual diversity that the artist has observed throughout this area of the city.

Most are done “en plein air” as Ed explores the richness of familiar places not far from his home. A number of them are views through the changing seasons of the last year. They record impressions created by the way light falls on facades, playing pets, street corners, and other local spots that he has gotten to know well since he first moved there as a graduate student in the 1960’s. A major portion of the proceeds from the show will go to the local Albert M. Greenfield School’s Home and School Association, at 22nd and Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia, to help fund continuing art education at the school, since there will not be an art teacher on their staff this year. Ed believes that art education at the elementary level needs to be a continuing part of the curriculum at the school (and, for full disclosure, he will have two grandsons at Greenfield School this year). ”

From web-site www.twenty-twogallery.com

Twenty Two Gallery

236 S. 22nd Street, Philadelphia, PA  19103


HOURS: Wed. thru Sun. 12 Noon to 6 PM or by appointment

Exhibition continues through December 4th, 2011

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