Enjoy The Fourth, But Keep Your Eyes Out For Anything Suspicious!

Are you ready to celebrate the Fourth of July in Philadelphia? Of course, you are planning to watching the fireworks and festivities.

It is great, but do you forget about security, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says to CBS News.

“There are no specific threats, there will be heightened security for the July 4th Celebration”

Ramsey says there will be a large presence of uniformed police and undercover officers in the crowds. A special command post for local and federal agencies, along with special video surveillance posts will also be activated.
“Everything this year is the 10th Anniversary year of 9/11, so obviously, there’s heightened awareness,” – he said.- ” I want everyone to celebrate and enjoy the fourth, but as you’re celebrating and watching fireworks, keep your eyes out for anything suspicious.
And, if you see something, say something”.
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