Excitement Will Cure Depression

Summer is the most loved and anticipated 3-month-long holiday! For electronic music fans it’s also the time of different club events, which are numerous this time of year.

In summer-2010 WildinOut.com Promotions organized some memorable parties, most of which were held under the sunshine of Atlantic City Shore: Beach Party @ Beach Bar by “Hilton” hotel, VIP Pool party @ “Chelsea Cabana Club”; “Dusk” clubs (“Caesars” hotel), “Casbah” (“Taj Mahal” hotel), “The Pool” (“Harrah’s Resort & Casino”) with participation of famous DJs and celebrities.

The summer is over, it’s the fall season now, but parties continue at night clubs of Philadelphia. The main spot, where every Thursday is like Friday, is “Benny the Bums”. In this cozy bar-and-restaurant DJ Larry T. makes his music, which is so loved by groovy young Russians. The first Friday of every month the club “G Lounge”, famous for its incredible atmosphere, holds parties called “House of G”, where you can enjoy some awesome international house-music and get charged with positive emotions.

On the 31st of October the nightlife of Russian-speaking Philly would be filled with a throng of evil spawn and undead, dressed at the limit of imagination and gathered at the blood-chillingly decorated restaurant “Golden Gates”, where another specialty party “Freak Circus” by WildinOut.com Promotions will be held with participation of the most talented and devil-may-care artists.

With the end of summer the nightlife of Atlantic City is still not going to slow down. On the 24th of November WildinOut.com Promotions is helping in a party organization at the “Casbah” club (“Taj Mahal” hotel) with a famous troublemaker DJ Pavel Volya, a Comedy Club resident, who makes the most awesome and thrilling atmosphere, filling it with pranks and fun.

Don’t let the fall blues catch you, get into the center of the best and most unforgettable events together with WildinOut.com Promotions!

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  1. Nice article, I will definitely check out some of those events.

  2. Mike Kolodesh says:

    Yes, definitely some good stuff going on and be on the look out for more events and articles, there’s always something going on.


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