Fall of the Berlin Wall: Beethoven’s 9th Symphony

“Philadelphia has the Rocky statue for your ubiquitous snapshot while in the city, Berlin has remnants of the Wall and Checkpoint Charlie.” — James Abbott, Photographer

In his recent trip, Abbott took a personal voyage “to the future” – visiting Berlin for the first time in decades and taking in the differences and similarities found in the scenery, people, and atmosphere. His exhibition during PIFA, The Fall: A Photographic Portrait of Berlin and the Fall of the Berlin Wall, will be a challenging, in-depth exploration of an important moment in time and the resulting changes in landscape and Berlin neighborhoods 24 years later.

The April 7 2:30 p.m. concert will be performed in the Kimmel Center’s Verizon Hall гnder the baton of Conductor Laureate Ignat Solzhenitsyn, with a program that commemorates the demolition of the Berlin Wall in 1989, leading to Germany’s reunification.

Performed in collaboration with a solo exhibition of photographs by James B. Abbott at the Center for Emerging Visual Artists, The Fall: A Photographic Portrait of Berlin and the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Abbott will collaborate with Jorge Cousineau and the Chamber Orchestra to present a multi-sensory experience for the concert at the Kimmel Center.

MEINE – Wind of Change
SMIRNOV – Epitaph for the Victims of Communism
BEETHOVEN – Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125, “Choral”

Tickets for this Chamber Orchestra performance are $24 to $81.

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