Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools of 2015

Of the 21 million students expected to attend colleges and universities in the fall of 2015, 60 percent will graduate with debt averaging $27,300. Last year, one million students turned to the world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site,, in search of benefactors to help fund their education. This year, the number of students joining this trend ballooned by 42 percent.

Philadelphia, PA – January 12, 2015

The future is not exactly bright for college students, with the vast majority guaranteed debt or unemployment rather than a career.  Some 1.4 million students are buffering their outlook by turning to Sugar Daddies.

The world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site,, is releasing its annual “Top 20 Fastest Sugar Baby Schools” with the University of Texas taking the number one spot.

Top 20 Fastest Sugar Baby Schools (rank – university – new sign-ups in 2014)

  1. University of Texas – 425
  2. Arizona State University – 403
  3. New York University – 398
  4. Kent State University – 387
  5. Georgia State University – 376
  6. University of Central Florida – 290
  7. Indiana University – 240
  8. University of Alabama – 210
  9. Temple University – 204
  10. University of California, Los Angeles – 199
  11. Columbia University – 187
  12. University of Michigan – 186
  13. University of Florida – 181
  14. University of Minnesota – 179
  15. Boston University – 178
  16. Tulane University – 172
  17. Penn State University – 163
  18. Virginia Commonwealth University – 160
  19. Louisiana State University – 159
  20. Florida State University – 158

This year, tuition prices rose by 2.9 percent — higher than the Consumer Price Index increase of 2.0 percent. Students turning to the website are enticed by the average $3,000 in monthly allowances and the chance to avoid debt.

“While other countries seek to create opportunity and provide a better start for students by abolishing tuition fees or at least lowering them to reasonable amounts, Congress continues to ignore the problem,” says Brandon Wade, CEO and Founder of SeekingArrangement, who himself relied on student loans to fund his MIT education. “The average debt is more than what most of these new graduates will make in a year.”

Undergraduates and graduate students alike contributed to the 42 percent increase in student sign-ups experienced. Financial assistance is not the only allure. Many students look to find Sugar Daddies for job opportunities either directly or through their connections.

Upper-middle and high-income families have not avoided the vacuum of student fees. As nondiscriminatory as student debt has been, students from these families make up 35 percent of SeekingArrangement’s collegiate population.

The site offers free premium memberships to students that register with their student email addresses. The average Sugar Baby is 27 years old.

For more information, or to request an interview please contact Brook Urick at or call +1 702 493 8910.

About SeekingArrangement is the world’s largest online-dating website that matches wealthy benefactors seeking “mutually beneficial relationships” with attractive members. Founded in 2006, the website currently boasts over 3 million members. SeekingArrangement was founded by MIT graduate and online-dating expert, Brandon Wade.

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