Film Skyfall: What Is the Place Of James Bond In the Digital Age?

Skyfall is a suspenseful, intelligent, and visually stunning film which showcases Daniel Craig’s Bond as one of the best ever. It is a clever nod to the past fifty years of Bond, while leaving the franchise wide open for years of clever reinterpretation and reinvention. Skyfall dares to ask the question ‘What is the place of James Bond in the digital age?’ and answers that question with intrigue, action, gunfire, humor, danger, and sex appeal.

The film ventures into the past and character of James Bond himself, while keeping him at his incredibly suave and understated best. Skyfall maintains that James Bond Feel with a series of fantastically clever action sequences involving everything from trains to shoot-outs to monstrous flesh-eating komodo dragons underneath a stunning casino in Shanghai.

Bond films are often famous for their villains, and Skyfall does not disappoint on this front. Javier Bardem plays former MI6 agent Raoul Silva, who has vengeance in store for M, played by Judy Dench. He is a comical and sinister villain with a larger-than-life persona and chilling intellect, who is more than a match for James Bond. Though the formula of the Bond film demands a defeated villain at the bitter end, it seems almost likely at points that Silva could be successful in his plans, as he is technological genius who uses his digital savvy to undermine the entire British Security Service.

Skyfall is a fast-paced, explosive, and smart adventure which takes full advantage of every location and provides gorgeous visuals. It will satisfy the most dedicated of Bond fans and draw in new ones with its modern twists in technology and characterization. Skyfall will leave you eagerly awaiting the next James Bond film.

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