Floral Sugar Plum Sculptures Bloom in the Red Room

As a slight twist on traditional White House holiday décor, floral vases handmade entirely of sugar replace the traditional cranberry tree as the prominent display in the Red Room this year.

Fashioned petal by petal, the crimson and plum–colored vases contain hundreds of gumpaste roses, ranunculuses, berries, plums and leaves. A unique variation of the traditional cranberry presentation, the sugar flowers will last through the numerous gatherings and holiday parties of December.

Each of the principal White House rooms features decorations meant to reflect the official theme “Gather Around: Stories of the Season.” Sugarplums figure prominently in traditional American Christmas celebrations.

Though its décor was not red at the time, the Red Room is known as the setting of first lady Dolley Madison’s famous Wednesday evening gatherings in 1909 to encourage socializing between members of opposing political parties. Her portrait hangs in the room today.

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