Hangover. The Day After Yesterday

Hangover is a sickness a person creates by his or her own. Luckily, in most cases it could be cured really fast.

Many of adults know how frustrating hangover symptoms could be. However, hangover could be of two types: a light one, because of “alcohol intoxication”, and heavy one, because of “abstinence syndrome”. The first one appears as a result of occasional ethyl alcohol overdose while the second one is a real disease known as alcoholism, when a person drinks alcohol constantly. One can easily tell the first one from the second one by asking his (her)self just one simple question: “Do I want to drink right now?”. If a person feels like turning inside out – that’s a good sign, it means the person is not an alcoholic.

Though both types hangovers are similar in their symptomatology, we would describe the methods of cure just for the “alcohol intoxication”, because the abstinence syndrome could be and should be treated only by doctors.

To prevent liver from ethyl alcohol overdose, one should never drink on an empty stomach – hunger is an alcohol’s worst enemy. Appetizers and small sips of liquor go well together and don’t cause a disturbing headache. In the morning of the “day after yesterday”, one should eat something even if he (she) doesn’t feel like. Food will help overcome the hangover. 5-7 pills of absorbed carbon can neutralize the effect of raw alcohol. Mineral water is the best in fighting dehydration and preventing the body from losing such necessary minerals as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine and so on. It can also be alternated with weak, sweet and warm tea or coffee.

A great hangover remedy is pickle. It contains enough salt to help the body keep water and prevent from dehydration. Potassium and magnesium ions in pickle restore the normal acid-base balance of intestines.

And don’t forget the golden rule of homeopathy: “likes are cured by likes”. A bottle of warm and flat (no gas) beer can help the brain return to normal state more smoothly. A contrast shower will improve blood circulation that will fasten the process of remaining alcohol decomposition.

There is no need to take the pledge not to drink ever again. The harm is not in an alcohol itself but in its misuse.

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