Happy Birthday, SMS!

“Merry Christmas!” – this was the first short text messages, that the British telecommunications company employee Neil Pepuort sent to colleagues 20 years ago, according to the media.

In 1989, the idea of  the new technology – SMS (​​sending texts via mobile phones) has been realized by a group of engineers. In December 1992 the system was tested for the first time in the UK: the text  had sent from a PC to an Orbitel 901 mobile phone.

The maximum size of SMS-messages in the standard GSM was 140 bytes.

Now texting is the most popular way to stay in contact. According to experts, 96% of young people aged 16 to 24 years use SMS to communicate or rewritten in social networks.

By 1995, people were only sending .4 text messages a month on average.  In 2010, the world sent over 6.1 trillion messages, or roughly 193,000 per second.

And the subscribers of all mobile operators in the Earth sent trillions of short text messages today.

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