Head Lice Outbreaks Since Spring Break Due

CBS News reported, that “Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware have seen an increase in lice outbreaks since students have returned to school from spring break”.

Ilene Steinberg is the co-owner of Lice Lifters, a professional head lice removal company in Philadelphia. She explained to CBS News, why spring break is a major time for head lice.

“Spring is the start of helmet season. Baseball, softball, and bike helmets are a catalyst for head lice. This is also the time that kids are having slumber parties, getting together with cousins for holiday parties, and head-to-head contact is in abundance,” said Steinberg.

Most lice are scavengers, feeding on skin and other debris found on the host’s body. Most are found only on specific types of animals, and, in some cases, only to a particular part of the body; some animals are known to host up to fifteen different species, although one to three is typical for mammals, and two to six for birds. For example, in humans, different species of louse inhabit the scalp and pubic hair. Lice generally cannot survive for long if removed from their host.

A louse’s eggs is commonly called a nit. Many lice attach their eggs to their host’s hair with specialized savila; the saliva/hair bond is very difficult to sever without specialized products.

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