The Heaviest Snow Has Seen For Many A Year

The USA takes a snow pounding. Heavy snow fell fast and hard making driving difficult.

Huge swathes of the US received a blizzard warning included Chicago, the state of Iowa, large parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin and sections of North and South Dakota, Missouri and Michigan. Than the snow has moved on to Canada.

The metro-dome stadium Metrodome in Minneapolis was one casualty. With more than 17 inches of snow resting on the stadium’s roof it simply gave in under the weight.

Officials had tried to melt the snow by increasing the heat in the stadium, but it was to no avail. The roof of the 30 year old stadium began to leak initially but soon collapsed. Thankfully no-one was injured when this happened. The planned major league game between the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Giants, has been moved to Detroit.

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