Boy Wins Google Contest

When someone from the Russian-speaking community of Philadelphia succeeds, it is a joy for all its representatives. When it is a child – it’s a double joy. Alan Asriants, age 12, became one of them.

The biggest Internet company Google offered a country-wide contest “Doodle 4 Google”, that invited students of all schools from the 1st to the 12th grade. The goal was to design a logo for Google around the theme “What I Wish for the World”.

Alan’s project became one of 400 finalists and later one of the eight, chosen from the state of Pennsylvania. For a student in the seventh grade at the Pen Ryn School, Alan Asriants, it was a great surprise. He drew this picture for himself about his inner world and he, frankly, did not expect such a victory. Alan, his parents, and friends all join in to share the happiness of the victory.

A hint for the theme of aquatic inhabitants was given to him by his lively imagination. Alan is a scuba-diver who’s not only acquainted with the beauty of the underwater world and its creatures but also sincerely loves to go down and visit his “good aquatic friends”, who are always hospitable.

“Marine life won’t hurt you if you don’t hurt it,” Alan says. That’s why he answered the main question of the contest with his picture, “I wish humans don’t hurt any marine animals. The water would be boring if marine life was extinct.” This wish binds to keep the environment in good shape and improve the ecology.

It turned out that he was the only one who made such an exclusive “wish”. The uniqueness of both the wish and the drawing gave Alan the win.

By the way, that was not the only victory in Alan’s life. He has won a few judo contests and has been practicing this martial art since the age of five. He likes to read books on history, especially on World War II and often argues with his peers about Russia’s role in it. Alan is also keen on music – he plays the guitar.

Studying in school is easy for him. Nevertheless his biggest passion is animals. His best friends are – Bek a Central Asian shepherd and his pet lizard, which live in his house. However Alan’s curiosity takes him again and again to the sea depths.

Thinking of his future profession, Alan is inclined to study medicine. Still, drawing is a hobby, which helps him express his thoughts and share his impressions of the world.

“You know, my dad found a tooth of a prehistoric shark. It was longer than my hand, could you imagine that?” Alan said and his eyes shone with happiness. “A real tooth of a real shark. Isn’t it cool!”

The sincerity of his feelings helped Alan win in a big contest. Apparently, that was the first adult step to future achievements and victories.

We wish you luck, Alan!

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