How to Regain Your Health By Losing Weight

Zinovy Grinshtein learned about The Sadkhin Complex a long time ago after visiting his friend who had lost a lot of weight. “How did you manage that?” he asked, and it wasn’t just out of curiosity: Zinovy was suffering from diabetes, and had to use an insulin pump which injected a certain dose of insulin into his blood daily.

“The Sadkhin Complex!” his friend answered with excitement and told him about this miraculous method of weight loss created by Dr. Sadkhin. Small spheres are placed on special pressure points behind the ears, and their placement is changed by a Certified Sadkhin Practitioner every 10 days. Clients rotate these spheres at scheduled times and that stimulation sends a signal from the Sadkhin Points to an area in the hypothalamus which is responsible for hunger. By doing this the individual’s hunger is significantly suppressed. This is paired with a healthy food plan which includes fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

With the help of this method, Zinovy’s friend lost 80 pounds. Although Zinovy had been very skeptical about diets and weight loss methods in the past, his friend’s drastic weight loss intrigued him.

The only inconvenience was that Dr. Sadkhin’s program was limited to the New York city region. Due to Zinovy’s health problems he decided against traveling so for this treatment.

Luckily, after some time The Sadkhin Complex office opened its doors in Philadelphia, and it was just a 15-minute drive from Zinovy’s house. He came to the office as soon as they opened and began the program with Izabella Dyakovetsky.

“First of all, I was surprised how Dr. Dyakovetsky had changed herself,” Zinovy remembered. “I took notice of how much slimmer and younger looking she became. I realized that she had used this method herself, and then presented it to her clients. Still even after that observation I wasn’t sure that this method would work for me, at 307 pounds. I decided that I would try the first 10 days, and if there were any results, I would continue this program.

After 11 days passed, Zinovy had lost 17 pounds. However the most important change for him was his improved well-being: it was easier to breathe, he had more energy and strength. Zinovy reported that following the diet was quite easy, because he didn’t feel much hunger thanks to the help of little spheres behind his ears.

Everyone who tries to lose weight knows that hunger is the biggest obstacle.

“I really like that this program takes care of every detail.” says Zinovy. “You’re told exactly what to eat and when. There’s nothing to think about, which made it easier.” You can eat between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. The first two days the food plan consists of fruit and vegetables, next two days – dairy products. Could you do that? Trust me, if I did it, you can. I couldn’t imagine myself without a sandwich in the evening, or without some well-done kabobs… It’s hard to believe, but I stopped eating meat completely. I get more pleasure from salads these days. After eating healthy food I don’t feel sick or stuffed. If I want to have a snack between breakfast and lunch I take a spoon of natural honey, which is always allowed in the Sadkhin Program. Honey fills me up and I don’t feel hunger after that.

The Sadkhin food plan utilizes the use of honey as a substitute for regular table sugar. Our body doesn’t need to break down honey, it simply uses the glucose as energy right away. Most importantly The Sadkhin Complex is designed to cleanse the body and clear it from chemical waste. This helps to improve our metabolism.

The first three months of Zinovy Grinshtein following the Sadkhin Complex program he lost 65 pounds. As a result of his detox, lots of things have changed in his life: lifestyle, way of thinking. His biggest achievement was that his daily intake of 250 units of insulin was reduced by two thirds. This is not the limit for Zinvov, his goal is to lose 100 pounds.

“You know, when you start to feel better and there is no need for huge doses of insulin, you really don’t want to go back. There could be no greater incentive. I tell others about my achievements to help people like me, because our well-being depends solely on ourselves. Trust me, I dreamed about this for the last few years, tried all I could with basically no result. Once I even had to go to a hospital to lose weight under doctors’ conduct. They just cut my regular food intake by more than a half, forcing me to starve without any additional medication or other remedies to reduce my feeling of hunger. I got out of there the next day. The Sadkhin Method made me believe in myself, and without extra effort, or suffering, I achieved wonderful results. By the way, those who manage to lose 100 pounds with the help of Sadkhin Complex can lose 100 pounds more for free!

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