Important Changes to Allowed Translation Services

The Bureau of Driver Licensing is pleased to announce the availability of the driver knowledge test in eight (8) additional languages.

All driver knowledge tests are being made available in Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, Hindi, Korean, Russian, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. This is in addition to the previously available English and Spanish versions. The tests will be administered on the same knowledge testing equipment used today and will have both text and audio.

The only exception to this is the hazardous materials endorsement knowledge test, which is only offered in English, as required by State and Federal law.

This is an excellent new service offering and improves available services to our customers, especially for those who have limited English proficiency. This will expand access to driver’s licenses to the residents of Pennsylvania.

Effective July 22, 2013, we will no longer allow interpreters to be used for driver knowledge testing. We will also be discontinuing the use of interpreters for driver skills tests and special point exams. If you have a client who cannot be accommodated utilizing one of the 10 languages in which the knowledge test is available in you will need to contact PennDOT at 1-800-932-4600. This number is only accessible by phone numbers with a PA area code. All out of state numbers must call 717-412-5300. Please ask for a knowledge test translation authorization letter and provide your name, your client’s name, your contact information, the center you plan to attend, and the language into which the customer needs you to translate the test into. You will be contacted by the Department within 5 business days to discuss your request. We will continue to monitor the languages our customers are requesting and consider offering additional languages if a need is identified.

Effective July 22, 2013, translators may not be used for any CDL knowledge test. This is a new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requirement.

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