Inspector Ronald Wagenhoffer “Did Nothing Wrong”

Inspector  Ronald Wagenhoffer, 52, at the site of the fatal building collapse in Philadelphia was found in his pick-up truck. He dead of a gunshot wound to the chest, police said.

The building collapsed on Market Street, killing six people and injuring 13.

Ronald Wagenhoffer was a 16-year veteran with the Philadelphia License and Inspections Department, according to the media.

Based on photos and video, demolition experts have repeatedly identified obvious, unsafe, conditions at the site.

“This man did nothing wrong,” said Deputy Mayor Everett Gillison at a press conference. “The department did what it was supposed to do under the code that existed at the time.”

Officials said to CBS News that he did everything properly, including conducting a May 14th inspection following a citizen’s complaint.

Eyewitness News is learning new details about the L&I inspector.

He left a video message.

“It wasn’t my fault.” According to City officials, those are the words, unmistakable, clearly audible, left on a video message by the L&I inspector before he took his own life. He said in part of one message according to officials, “ I could not sleep. I was devastated by the deaths and injuries.”

” City officials now say L&I inspector Ronald Wagenhoffer, still wearing his blue uniformed shirt, propped a cell phone camera onto the dashboard on his truck, recording two messages, including one to his wife and young son, before shooting, and killing himself, a few blocks from his home”, CBS News reported.

Аive investigations are underway into the cause of what happened at here, including an investigative grand jury convened by the district attorney.

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