Is Cricket Coming Back to Olympics?

Cricket and the Olympics have an uneasy history.

Cricket — played in India, England, South Africa and the West Indies, among other nations — was supposed to be part of the first modern Olympics in 1896, but was canceled due to a lack of applicants. A single cricket match was played between the French and the British at the 1900 Summer Olympics. And although cricket was recognized as an Olympic sport in 2002, it has yet to appear on a Summer Olympics schedule.

But Twenty20 cricket (above) might help cricket find its way back to Olympic competition. Developed in England in 2003, Twenty20 cricket alters the play of cricket to limit the game to about two-and-a-half hours — closer to other Olympic team sports and far short of the three to five days a traditional cricket match lasts.

The International Olympic Committee acknowledged the International Cricket Council, the sport’s governing body with 105 country members, as a federation in 2010, clearing the way for a bid to return the sport to the 2020 games.

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