James Beard Foundation Recognizes Two People From Philadelphia

Marc Vetri has been nominated for 2014 James Beard Foundation awards for Outstanding Chef and for Outstanding Service for his restaurant, Vetri, in Philadelphia.

Designers David Whipple and Josh Otto, of Assimilation Design Lab LLC and Otto Architects LLC, have been nominated for a 2014 James Beard Foundation Outstanding Restaurant Design Award for their design and work at Tria Taproom in Philadelphia.

Vetri and Whipple, both people who stutter, exemplify the success a person who stutters can experience in his or her professional life.

“In high school, I promised myself I would not let stuttering dictate what I do with my life,” says Whipple.

Stuttering is a communication disorder involving disfluencies in a person’s speech.  People who stutter often experience physical tension and struggle in their speech muscles, as well as embarrassment, anxiety, and fear about speaking.

The National Stuttering Association is the world’s largest stuttering support organization dedicated to providing support and resources to people who stutter and their families.  Based in New York, the organization maintains over 125 support group chapters serving its thousands of members nationwide.

About one percent of the population stutters at any given time, and approximately five percent of people experience stuttering at some point in their lives.  While the causes of stuttering are unknown, it is primarily a neurological disorder and is genetic in some cases.

Support group participation helps reduce the negative effects of stuttering and enhances the success of speech therapy. The National Stuttering Association works closely with speech professionals and refers people who stutter to speech-language pathologists who have the specialized qualifications needed for effective treatment.

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