Jenkintown Festival of the Arts

The Jenkintown Festival of the Arts will turn its streets into celebration central on September 18 2011. Downtown Jenkintown will showcase the talents of local artists, musicians, foodies and brewers during.

The Jenkintown Festival of the Arts features a main stage with performances running from 1 – 6PM at the Town Center, a second stage on Johnson Street near the art vendors and Kid’s Court and a special performance by the Edge Dance Company near the gazebo in the Town Square.

Visitors of all ages will discover that Jenkintown knows how to bring the community together for an afternoon of fun. Young, old, teens, tweens and everyone in between will enjoy exploring the many hot spots in the downtown area.

One of the groups, which is participating in Jenkintown Festival, is Pa’s “The New Motel”

“The New Motels” have been on the Philly music scene since 2003. With elements of folk, rock and pop that follow a tradition that reaches back to the Kinks, THE NEW MOTELS blend the ramshackle charm of indie bands like Pavement with twangy solos and catchy choruses that would do any classic rock fan proud. Their most recent album ‘Tilbury Sweat’ was recorded with Philly’s most sought after producer, Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Hoots & Hellmouth, Man Man). Their songs are smart, fun, and charming

Check out the video below or click on the mp3 file to hear a track from their album, “Tilbury Sweat”

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