Lev Green Heartens Readers to Contribute in the Tapestry of Judaism

He invites those who have become disconnected from their Judaism to make it part of their core

BROOKLINE, Mass. — Author Lev Green encourages individual Jews, and especially those who have become disconnected from their religion, to understand the role they have to play in contributing to the tapestry of Judaism.  A brilliant and complex design of individual threads interwoven over the past several millennia, the tapestry of Judaism has been critical to the advancement of humankind.  The tapestry includes the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Torah, the moral code that has been at the core of the systems of law and justice in civilized countries over the centuries.  The tapestry includes the vibrant threads woven by individual Jews who have been at the forefront of every important field of human endeavor:  science and medicine, philosophy and religion, literature and the arts, law and jurisprudence, government and economics. The tapestry has been strengthened by the multitude of softer-color threads interwoven over the millennia by the millions of Jews who have quietly led their lives as righteous and honorable people and as good parents and teachers.

Weaving Your Thread in the Tapestry of Judaism is a highly readable book in which Green provides significant insights and wisdom as to Judaism’s place in the world and our place in Judaism.  He makes a very strong case that one can derive additional meaning in life by making Judaism part of his or her core.  The tapestry of Judaism continues to be woven, and it is critical that every Jew weave his or her thread so that we may reaffirm our covenant with God to work for a more perfect world.

Motivated by his love of Judaism, Green  invites readers to enter through any of the portals through which  they can be connected—synagogue, Torah study, havurah, music, brotherhood and sisterhood, meditation and Tikkun Olam—and let them experience the richness of the gifts of Judaism.  The book will inspire readers to weave their thread so that the tapestry may continue to be strong and its brilliance may shine for all humankind.

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About the Author

Lev Green is a practicing attorney and a student of Torah. He is the long-time Chair of the American Jewish Society for Service, a national non-profit organization that sponsors Jewish teens to perform Tikkun Olam in summer service projects.  Now in its seventh decade, AJSS has sponsored over 2500 volunteers in service projects in 47 states, Canada and Israel.  He is a graduate of Wesleyan University and New York University School of Law, where he was a Root-Tilden Scholar. He lives with his wife Denise in Brookline, Mass., where they are long-serving members of Temple Ohabei Shalom. They have four grown sons and one grandson. He is also the author of “Managing Partner 101”, published by American Bar Association.

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