Lie After Lie In The Casey Anthony Case

Lie After Lie In The Casey Anthony Case

Casey Anthony, the mother charged with the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, has been extremely inconsistent in telling her side of the story.  First, she said Caylee was taken by an “angry nanny”.

Then, she said Caylee drowned in her grandparents’ pool.  She then explained that she didn’t contact authorities because she was afraid that it would put Caylee in danger.  She then fixed her story again and said she didn’t contact authorities because she was “overwhelmed”.  She explained that she had “no idea” how the chloroform got in the trunk of her car.  Then, she admitted to researching the word “chloroform”, and “dead bodies” on the internet 83 times only days prior to Caylee’s death.

The one thing Anthony has been consistent about?  Her string of lies.  They simply do not seem to stop.  The only way to regain her credibility would be if Casey took the stand and explained her lies.

The only problem?  Casey would be grilled by rapid-fire questions from the prosecutors.  Her best bet then would say that she was “programmed” to lie.  That’s a satisfactory response but, why believe her now.  She’s the mother who cried wolf.  Anthony’s attorneys are claiming that, in fact, Casey was “programmed” to lie because she was sexually abused by her father and brother (a fact which shocked both men when the claim was stated in the courtroom).  Yet, 8 psychologists have been interviewed on the subject, and each one has said that there is no correlation that has ever been established between being abused and then becoming a pathological liar.

Lori Butts, a forensic psychologist, was interviewed by Yahoo News on the issue, in which case she explains the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath.  If Casey was found to be the former, her sentence could be to undergo treatments in the mental-health system.  However, if found to be a sociopath guilty of murder, the response will most likely be death for Casey.

Butts doubts that Anthony is mentally ill because she’s too “lucid, precise, and logical” in her lies.  Earlier in her career, Butts worked with women who were psychopaths.  She claims that they were insane and would have delusional breaks from reality at which point they would lie.  Sociopaths, on the other hand, which is what Butt claims Casey Anthony is, lie simply for their own advantage.  That is the difference, said Butts, between “being mad and being bad”, who claimed that Casey is “simply bad”.

Whichever adjective is correct to use, Casey Anthony certainly falls into one of the two.  Her lying has only made what looks like a clear-cut case of murder in the first-degree all the more trying.  If the public is as confused by all of Anthony’s lies as I am, one can only imagine the frustration the jury must be feeling.  Anthony’s lawyers resume their attempt at defense Monday the 27th.

Danielle Petersen

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