Magnus Carlsen Has Retained The World Chess Championship

Norway’s Magnus Carlsen won the World Chess Championship for the third time, seeing off Sergey Karjakin, a Russian grandmaster.  Carlsen, the world’s top-ranked player, has been world champion since 2013. He became a grandmaster at the age of 13 and turns 26 on Wednesday. Karjakin qualified as a challenger by winning the 2016 Candidates Tournament.

The World Chess Championship was played in New York, between 11 and 30 November 2016. The match format was best of 12 games. After seven consecutive draws, Karjakin won the eighth game. Carlsen evened the score by winning the tenth game. All other games were drawn, leaving the match at a 6-6 tie, meaning that tie breaks were to decide the match.

Carlsen won the four-game rapid chess tie break 3-1, with wins in the third and fourth games, to win the match and retain the title of World Chess Champion.

“The classical part [of the match], I’m quite satisfied,” says Karjakin.“But somehow after we played 12 classical games, I was completely not ready to play rapid games. In the three games out of four I was lost. Of course Magnus took advantage of my mistakes and he deserved to win. My congratulations to him.”

“I pretty much knew this was going to happen when we made the draw in the 11th game,” Carlsen says. “But I felt good coming into today having had a few days of rest and days to prepare. The second game was a bit frustrating, but I’m very happy to have gotten there in the end.”

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