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I hate keeping my readers in the dark. And I’ve been doing a poor job at bringing them out of it when it comes to music lately. So, finally, I bring you to the light—also known as Jordan White.

White is an American rock music and was raised in our very own Pennsylvania. I read a quote of White’s recently, “[music] saved me from being another statistic” and I had to learn more. White credits artists such as Counting Crows (love!), Tom Petty (love more!), Jackson Brown, and Guns N’ Roses as influences. His music, while rock, is considered progressive. His music has also been described as acoustic-confessional and alternative. Did I mention this talented young guy writes his own lyrics? He claims to have used music to get through tough times such as his parents divorce and people drifting apart. These two subjects are the inspiration for many of his songs. “I really like lyrics that are personal,” he is quoted as saying. I couldn’t agree, Jordan. If I have to hear “po-po-po-poker face, po-po-poker face” one more time…

I recently had the great luck and opportunity to sit down with Jordan and ask him some questions:

– Where can the audience find your music?

– First off, you can find our original song “September” released in 2010 by Sony Music on all the major MP3 retail websites. [You can find it on Amazon and iTunes]

– You’re releasing an LP in August I heard, where will that be available?

– Yes that’s true. We’re planning on recording a 3 or 4 song LP. The songs are already written so they just need to be recorded. I know pretty much what I want to do with them. As far as the availability, after mixing, mastering, and pressing, I’d say sometime in October of this year. The songs will be available online on iTunes, Amazon, Napster.

– What kind of music will we hear if we buy it?

– It’s going to be singer-songwriter oriented with the vocals up front; a lot of piano and acoustic guitar. But there will be some electric guitar too.

(For those who are familiar with Jordan’s music, he told me that “Maybe, Amy”, “Bloodshot”, “No Promises” and possibly “Heads Up” (his most recent song) will most likely be on his LP.

– What’s different about you than the rest of the musicians out there?

– The lyrics I write are not just written so I have something to sing. To me, lyrics are most important. There’s something about a three or four-minute song that creates a little world you can almost step into, as the listener. So I’m trying to create that. I do as much as I can to avoid clichés. Let me give you an example: we’ve all heard the “my broken heart” line from a thousand songs, old and new, which makes it mean almost nothing for me now. Instead of singing “you broke my heart” – which HAS happened to me, maybe I’ll sing something like “as the skies explode above me / as I pulled into my lane / I knew you were the only one / to drown me in your rain” – which is from the song “No Promises.” Those lines have never been said before. As you gain and maintain a reputation as a songwriter you can start to experiment with more non-traditional methods.

– That’s really cool that you write your own songs…where do the ideas for your song lyrics come from?

– The songs are really inspired from the life that I lead and the lives that I see around me. They are about wounded people. People who are flawed and the flaws I find in myself. The way it feels to drive down the highway late on a summer night with the top down. The burning we feel when we pass someone who was once very important to us, but now neither person even acknowledges it. Being caught in that terrible grey area between what you want and what you can’t have. That’s not to say I can’t write about positive things. There’s an enormous element of faith and hope in the songs I write. I see both beauty and heartache in people. That inspires me.

(Girls, I’m in love. Thoughts?)

– What’s one thing you think would fans want to know about you?

– That I am so appreciative that they have listened to the songs. That they have listened to the stories. I’d like them to know that the reason I make music is because music saved me. I am forever in debt to it. So I’m doing my best to pay that back.

– Which song of yours is your favorite? AND WHERE CAN WE FIND IT?

– It honestly depends on the day. Right now, I’d say “Maybe, Amy” – it’s a light and upbeat acoustic piece. It makes me happy when I play it. It’s easy to digest musically but once you dig deeper into the lyrics you realize it’s more complex and a bit darker than it sounds. “Maybe, Amy” is about the difficulty I have trying to connect with other people. I write songs because I find relationships with other people very hard. They’re never easy for me. You can listen to a live version of the song from 90.3 FM on the Reverbnation page.

– Favorite quote?

– “The secret of life is to enjoy the passage of time,” by James Madison. I try to remember that as much as I can.

Jordan White’s Upcoming Tour Dates in Philadelphia/New Jersey

– July 1 – Hawkeyes – Perkasie, PA

– July 8 – The Pattenburg House – Asbury, NJ

– July 15 – Capri Nightclub – Brooklyn, NY

– July 30 – Craft Ale House – Limerick, PA

– August 12 – The Farmhouse Inn – Milford, NJ

– September 10 – Stabler Arena – Bethlehem, PA

Danielle Petersen

Photo Credit: Martin Koblosits

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