Media Furniture by Pulaski

Tangerine by Pulaski Furniture is fresh and special in ways  that are meaningful to the market segment.

The  name Tangerine is something bold  and graphic that served as a metaphor for a fresh approach toward  the collection’s exclusive features.

The unique needs that were  uncovered were the features that were built into the Tangerine Collection, such as gadget changing stations, under-bed storage and media chests designed for flat screens with plenty of room for  sweaters as well. These distinct features make this collection a refined  choice for urban and suburban dwellers.

The most indispensable item of our time is the cellular phone. In fact, research from The Pew Charitable Trust shows that more than 83% of this generation places their cell phones on or next to their bed while sleeping.

Thus, there are recharging stations built into each nightstand which can accommodate up to four devices. A built in “soft touch” night light is conveniently located beneath each nightstand illuminating the floor but nothing else, so you do not disturb your partner nor fumble in the middle of the night in the dark. Furthermore, thoughtful and functional media cabinets, replete with storage drawers, open spaces for DVR and DVD devices as well as a 42-inch-long surface at the perfect height for a flat screen television.

A media box designed for the tops of dressers is also available for those who prefer their television at a higher vantage point. In this collection each drawer opens to full extension with ball bearing glides for complete accessibility.

Moreover, extra storage is built into the drawers beneath beds and bed benches for bulky items such as jeans and sweaters. Each of the collections is somewhat different in styling  but share these characteristics.

Each is transitional in style, use fine wood veneers and feature tasteful hardware that serves as jewelry. Collections are free of carving, ornamental moldings or any exaggerated trendy style elements, which makes Tangerine Collections timeless.

Here at the best aspect is that a bed, dresser, mirror and chest will sell for a price well below similar offerings from other resellers. You can save yourself the stress of shopping around from store to store by purchasing your new Bedroom collection online through and feel at home right away!

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  1. Schroers says:

    Довольно красиво. Создается впечатление комфорта и продуманного удобства.


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