Mexico’s Underwater Sensation

The Underwater Art Museum is the new creation by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor: 400 individually cast human moulds taken from members of the Mexican public sunk to create the foundations of an artificial reef.

The project has taken place in the Isla Mujeres National Marine Park, near Cancun, on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

One of the aims of the new reef is to reduce the pressure on the natural reefs in the area, which already sees 750,000 people visit the park every year.

“Nobody had thought of it but he had the idea. Nobody would have dared to do it, but he did it.  An artist who has two loves: the beauty of underwater landscapes and creative sculpture. Why not combine the two, and put statues on the seabed? And why not create a huge underwater museum…

That’s what Jason Taylor has done, first by himself on a small scale on Grenada Island, and then by directing a mammoth project in Cancun, on the Caribbean coast of Mexico…”

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