Michael Jackson Records Without Michael Jackson?

The album, titled Michael, was released by Sony Music on this week.

It includes Michael Jackson’s unfinished songs that he had been working on over the past several years.

The tracks were at different stages of completion, but producers like longtime Jackson collaborator Teddy Riley, Grammy winner Tricky Stewart and rocker Lenny Kravitz worked over the last year to put the finishing touches on an album.

Many of Jackson’s family members and associates were quoted questioning the authenticity of the voice on some tracks , saying the so-called King of Pop would not have wanted anything released without his final approval. And his father’s lawyer said the perfectionist would never have wanted the music released.

But Teddy Riley, who worked with Jackson before his death, believed that “Michael” “would never consider it being a final vocal. But because he’s not with us he cannot give us new vocals. What we did was utilize the Melodyne (technology) to get him in key. With the Melodyne we actually move the stuff up which is the reason why some of the vibrato sounds a little off or processed, over-processed. We truly apologize for that happening, but you are still hearing the true Michael Jackson.”

“Michael” is the first album of new Jackson material since “Invincible” in 2001, and the first in a reported $250 million deal between Sony and the executors of Jackson’s estate to release 10 albums through 2017.

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