Microsoft sues Barnes & Noble

After numerous attempts to license their technology, Microsoft has decided to sue Barnes & Noble in addition to two electronics manufacturers on the allegations of patent infringement.

Microsoft’s patents include:

  • The ability to load webpage’s content prior to background images in order to view the webpage faster.
  • Small programs indication of download status.
  • Technology that opens a separate window on screen which allows for easier navigation through content.
  • Technology related to reading and annotating text in document.

Apparently, the android software being used by Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-reader is where the patents are being infringed upon.  While Microsoft has not directly sued Google, the search engine leader could still see problems if Microsoft wins these cases and forces companies to license Microsoft’s technology.

Barnes & Noble has invested heavily into the Nook to try and compete with Amazon’s Kindle and the serious competition by online retailers.

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