More than a Ball Drops in U.S. New Year Celebrations

The world is familiar with the traditional drop of a glittering glass ball in New York City’s Times Square before a million-person crowd. Other items dropped to welcome the new year by other cities and towns across the United States are not nearly as well-known.

Consider Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. Since 2001, residents have lowered a partially frozen, locally caught dead carp nicknamed “Lucky” that weighs between 11 and 13.5 kilograms. “The Droppin’ of the Carp” is the highlight of the city’s Carp Fest as the new year begins. After the drop, revelers can go up and kiss Lucky to capture good luck for the new year.

Other objects Americans choose to watch drop instead of the Times Square ball include a crab (Easton, Maryland), a pickle (Mt. Olive, North Carolina), and a giant tortilla chip (Tempe, Arizona).

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