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Author Jude Kingsley’s heartwarming tale is of her hero, a Yellow Labrador Retriever named King Goliath Booker, a canine person with uncanny wit, love for life and endurance who inspires optimism and faith

Author Jude Kingsley unveils a heartwarming tale filled with lessons and amusing adventures from an adorable yellow lab with her new book “My KGB Experience.” King Goliath Booker, or Booker, is the author’s hero, who starts out as a young canine with boyish charm who has taught her, among other things, sane and practical ways to enjoy life and how to keep going with verve and gladness through life’s many problems. Readers see how KGB and the author embark on a moving journey in which she derives the essence of having, developing and strengthening the vital human will to live.

Through Booker’s life, through its sometimes poignant or humorous details, the author recalls how every day was graced with a dose of learning. Booker has plenty of courage, love for life and endurance. For every pet and animal lover, “My KGB Experience” is a truly memorable and lesson-filled reading experience that connects to the heart of the human-pet bonding. Whether a reader is a pet owner, animal lover, or facing a challenge and needing some inspiration, or simply interested in a good story, “My KGB Experience” is going to be a good one.

Every minute of every day devastating events occur, circumstances change for the worse; life presents hurdles and challenges to people from all walks of life. To many, these come as a surprise and they are forced to adjust to and accept these in their lives. Kingsley recognizes the countless people who face life’s obstacles and celebrates their courage. She had the delight to witness the life of one person (the person of King Goliath Booker) who faced many challenges. That was an extremely blissful experience for her as it taught her an important lesson.

Through the innocence and shining example of a dog’s life, Kingsley imparts uncanny and compelling wisdom. She shares this to the rest of the world – the story of KGB, its emotional yet amazing highs and lows, and the unconditional love and one-of-a-kind bond that is unique to literature about pets.For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to

About the Author: Jude Kingsley was born and raised in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, the youngest of five children.  She has always had a love for animals. She and her husband, Bernie who have been married for fourteen years, currently live with their two cats, Catty and Ophelia in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania.  During the past year, the author has been spending time learning to ride horseback

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