Nation’s Largest Biowall In Drexel University

The nation’s largest biowall shows of in Drexel University, when it dedicates its new science building at 33rd and Chestnut in Philadelphia.

The center of its atrium with a five story hydroponic planter is named for the visionary Drexel President Constantine Papadakis. Here are things like rubber trees and ivy with their roots in water.

Biology Professor Aleister Saunders says to CBS News< that “building air is recycled through this living wall for filtration. It’s the microbes in the roots of the plants that break down the bad chemicals that are in all indoor air situations, so unlike that filter that still has volatile organic compounds, carcinogens, in it (you have to dispose of that) the biowall, the microbes actually, break down those compounds into carbon dioxide and water.”

One more advantage is that regular HVAC systems use outside air to dilute indoor pollution.  That air has to be heated or cooled, saving money.

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