New Year’s Day Mummers Parade

“The Philadelphia Mummers Parade features unique costumes, music, and pageantry. Crowds line Broad St., from South Philly straight through Center City.

The climax of the parade takes place at City Hall and the PA Convention Center where the official judging takes place.

It starts at 8:50 a.m. By the time it’s all over – around 7 p.m. – over 10,000 amateur musicians and entertainers will have made the 3-mile journey to.

The parade itself is one of the longest running traditions in the country. The parade began in 1900 as an official event for the city, however the parade has been going on since the 1800’s as a way to celebrate the New Year.

The parade itself is divided into five divisions click each division to learn more.The parade is a conglomeration of spirited Celtic and Scandinavian New Year’s traditions.

The Comic Division, in which troupes of garishly dressed clowns parody, satirize or otherwise have fun with current events or public figures.

Next comes the Fancy Division, characterized by fantastic costumes, many so large they need to be transported.

The String Bands come with eight instruments: accordions, saxophones, clarinets, violins, banjos, bass fiddles, glockenspiels and drums.

Philadelphia’s New Year’s Day Mummers Parade generates $9 million in economic impact, according to a study released.

The numbers include related tourism hotel stays and spending, spending by Mummers organizations and revenue from a television-broadcasting contract, said the Center for Forensic Economic Studies in Philadelphia.

At the Convention Center for those who arrive in town early is the MummersFest, an interactive, family-oriented, behind-the-scenes look at mumming in general, including the opportunity to watch Fancy Brigades rehearsals.

Dec. 28-31, tickets are $4 at the door.

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