Philadelphia Author Explores Love And Promise In New Novel

Author Jax Jillian announces the release of his new contemporary romance novel, “Larkin’s Letters.” “Larkin’s Letters” propels readers into the mind of Ryan as he struggles with frequent visits from her ghost and a series of letters she leaves behind. Ryan
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Lev Green Heartens Readers to Contribute in the Tapestry of Judaism

He invites those who have become disconnected from their Judaism to make it part of their core BROOKLINE, Mass. -- Author Lev Green encourages individual Jews, and especially those who have become disconnected from their religion, to understand the role they have to play in contributing to the tapestry of (more...)

Ray Bradbury Нas Inspired Generations of Readers to Dream & Think

On Wednesday, June 5, 2012 Ray Bradbury left this world at the age of 91 after a long illness. He lived in Los Angeles. His official site reported: " In a career spanning more than seventy years, Ray Bradbury has inspired generations of readers to dream, think, and create. A (more...)

Philip Levine’s Poetry of the Working Man

By Mark Trainer Staff Writer A childhood in the heart of America’s auto industry might seem an unlikely beginning for a poet. But for Philip Levine, the new poet laureate of the United States, growing up in Detroit provided the building blocks and the inspiration for his life’s work. Levine’s (more...)

New Book Of Amina Gautier “AT-RISK”

African-American author Amina Gautier launches prize-winning short story collection African-American author Amina Gautier, winner of the Flannery O’Connor Short Fiction Award, will launch her collection AT-RISK this fall. Gautier, a University of Pennsylvania alumna and former assistant professor at Saint Joseph’s University, will have several reading and book signing events (more...)

Made in Russia Unsung Icons of Soviet Design

“Made in Russia: Unsung Icons of Soviet Design”

" This irreverent survey celebrates the more populist and enduring work in graphic and industrial design that was a product of the Soviet era - a period that remain politically sensitive and under-explored, yet whose influence on the objects and aesthetics of Russian life and thought has (more...)

“A Stolen Life” Of Jaycee Dugard

"A Stolen Life" is the book of rescued kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard. It was released July 12  - 175,000 copies  sold in first day, publisher Simon & Schuster said. And added, that it was a new record for the publishing house for one day ebook sales. The book included (more...)

In Boston History Lives Alongside the Present

Editor’s note: Carlo Rotella, director of American Studies at Boston College, has written three books of essays — Cut Time, Good with Their Hands and October Cities. He contributes regularly to the New York Times Magazine, Washington Post Magazine, Boston Globe, Slate and WGBH; his work has also appeared in (more...)

Miami Jump-Starts Writer’s Creativity

Miami Jump-Starts Writer’s Creativity

Editor’s note: This is excerpted from an essay by Edna Buchanan, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and award-winning mystery author. The full essay, “Miami, Home at Last,” appears in the publication My Town. Edna Buchanan: Books, newspapers, and my seventh-grade English teacher Mrs. Tunis were the only bright (more...)

Learning Freedom and Writing in Brooklyn

Learning Freedom and Writing in Brooklyn

Editor’s note: Pete Hamill has written 10 novels and is a distinguished writer in residence at New York University. These excerpts are taken from his essay “Son of Brooklyn,” which he wrote for the publication My Town. Pete Hamill: My mother and father were immigrants to New York (more...)

The Family Corleone

“The Family Corleone” Is To Be Released In June 2012

Publishers Grand Central Publishing, a division of Hachette Book Group, announced, that a prequel novel "The Godfather" of Mario Puzo  is  to be released in June 2012.

The new book, called "The Family Corleone,"  to be written by author Ed Falco, has been authorised by the estate of (more...)

A Poet for the People

A Poet for the People

By Mark Trainer Staff Writer The “poet laureate consultant in poetry” is the title given by the librarian of Congress to a prominent poet who serves for a term of at least a year. The job description of the poet laureate is to give a lecture and reading and to “raise the (more...)

Ulitskaya - Daniel Stein Translator

Ulitskaya: “Daniel Stein, Translator”

Five years ago the novel "Daniel Stein, Translator" by Ludmila Ulitskaya was published in Russia. Now the American edition of this famous novel appeared in bookstores in the United States. "We decided to acquaint American readers with the novel "Daniel Stein, Translator ", as he was widely regarded in Russia as critics and (more...)

Michelle Obama About White House Garden

A news book will be write by U.S. first lady Michelle Obama. It is about the kitchen garden she started at the White House and "describes how she was inspired to plant the first edible garden on the White House's South Lawn since Eleanor Roosevelt's (more...)

New Primer Offers the Essentials on Iran

The idea for The Iran Primer came to journalist Robin Wright because, as she put it, her fellow Americans know so little about a country that is a major American concern. “We are arguably more ignorant about Iran than virtually any other country except North Korea,” she said. (more...)


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