Mark Twain’s Surprise

“You will never know, how much enjoyment you've lost until you get to dictating your biography.” Mark Twain One of the great masters of American literature, Mark Twain changed the rules of American fiction: in Huckleberry Finn, he let a redneck
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Decision Points

For a long time the 43rd American president George W. Bush was silent. But in early November this year you can buy his book of memoirs "Decision Points". According to some estimates, there are more than one million printed copies. Before the release of the book, former head (more...)

Ray Bradbery Turns 90

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“Android Karenina”: The Brainchild Of Pop Culture

“All good robots resemble one another, each faulty robot is defective in its own way. Everything was in confusion in the Oblonskys' house” - starts the novel “Android Karenina”, that appeared in America at the beginning of June and caused a stir. (more...)

New Voices in Fiction

There was a healthy dose of excitement in the American literary community recently as The New Yorker, the prestigious social and literary weekly, released “20 Under 40,” a selection of the 20 most promising fiction writers under the age of 40 whom it believes “are, or will be, key to (more...)


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