Mayor Michael A. Nutter Gives High Marks ‘Class of 2013’

Mayor Michael A. Nutter unofficially closed out the school year by celebrating the achievements of  nearly 1,000 graduates from more than 70 local high schools in a graduation procession followed by a program today in Center City. “When I
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Mayor Nutter Issues Statement On Philadelphia School District Layoffs

Mayor Michael A. Nutter issued the following statement in response to the announcement by the Philadelphia School District to lay off 3,783 teachers and support staff: For months, the School District has been open and honest about the impact that its $304 million budget shortfall would have on District (more...)

The Power of Education

This article is excerpted from the book Outline of the U.S. Economy, published by the Bureau of International Information Programs. Benjamin Rush, a Philadelphia physician and signer of the Declaration of Independence, told all who would listen that winning the war of independence from England had been hard enough. (more...)

Parents Entitled to Translation & Interpretation Services

A pair of legal advocacy groups would like parents with limited English proficiency (LEP) to know that they have a right to translation and interpretation services in the School District of Philadelphia. Federal law grants special legal rights to parents for whom English is not their first language.  (more...)

Toss Your Caps! Philly Graduates From College Event Salutes “Class Of 2013”

Mayor Michael A. Nutter “capped off” the school year by celebrating the accomplishments of about 300 recent college graduates from regional colleges and universities today at the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Mayor Nutter was joined by Chief Education Office Lori Shorr as well as academic leaders from the (more...)

Georgian Student Finds Second Home in United States

Natia Jikia, a graduate exchange student from Georgia, describes her visit to the Grand Canyon as “truly phenomenal.” The canyon “made a huge impression on me. It was everything I expected and much more.” However, when she reflects on what she will remember most about her time (more...)

Annual Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Event

The City of Philadelphia hosted dozens of college and career-bound youths at a kick-off event in City Hall today as part of the 11th annual Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day. Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day, a nationally observed day of mentoring, is coordinated locally by (more...)

The Many Ways to Speak “American”

By Stephen Kaufman Staff Writer When you meet Americans, can you tell which part of the country they are from simply by listening to them? Or if someone asked you to imitate an American, would you try to sound like you were from Texas, Southern California or somewhere else? (more...)

Peace Corps Couple Teaches English to Ukrainians

Peace Corps volunteers Steve McCafferty and Mary Beth Phair of Belchertown, Massachusetts, are teaching local community members English-language skills while serving together in Ukraine. McCafferty and Phair teach English to Ukrainians of all ages through formal classes, English club meetings and conversational (more...)

Charter and Cyber Charter School Funding Reforms In Pennsylvania

The House Republican Caucus unveiled a legislative package aimed at reforming charter and cyber charter school funding. “Pennsylvania’s charter schools and cyber charter schools have generally worked well and have benefited many Pennsylvania families, particularly those students in low-performing school districts,” Rep. Mike Reese (R-Fayette/Westmoreland) said. “Our (more...)

Naomi Shah Invention Provides Breath of Fresh Air

At 17 years old, Naomi Shah has bright ideas and a bright future. Shah, a Portland, Oregon, secondary school senior, was the inaugural first-place winner of the Google Global Science Fair. Shah developed a biofilter that can be integrated into a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (more...)

The Top 20 Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools of 2012

One in five households now owe student loan debt, but female coeds in Pennsylvania are skipping high tuition costs by turning to the “Sugar Baby Lifestyle.”, the world’s largest Sugar Daddy website, released its annual list of the “Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools.” The website experienced a nationwide increase of (more...)

Gallaudet University: Widening Horizons for the Deaf

Gallaudet University is a unique learning community made up of some 1,100 undergraduate and 400 graduate students who are all deaf or hard of hearing. It is the only higher education institution in the world where all programs and services are specifically designed for deaf and

Structure of U.S. Education

(The following text is excerpted from the U.S. Department of State publication USA Education in Brief.) For someone from another country, the U.S. educational system understandably appears large and varied, even chaotic. Within this complexity, however, American education reflects the history, culture, and values of the changing

Blind Legislator-Elect Cites Education as Key to Success

By Kathryn McConnell Staff Writer Blind since childhood, Cyrus Habib says he “won the lottery of life.” That’s because he was born to parents with college educations, grew up in a neighborhood free from poverty and went to good public schools in Bellevue, Washington. The advantages Habib had early


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