Be ready to tweak your speech

Managing Your Speech

Reuters recomends Management Tip of your speech: " When delivering a speech keep in mind that speaking is different from writing. Prepare a rough outline and a conclusion and arrive at the venue early enough to grasp the mood
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Bills to Protect Service Members’ Education

State Sen. Mike Stack’s measures that would protect active-duty members’ status in college and allow certain members of the military notary privileges were approved today by the Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee. Senate Bill 776 would expand leave-of-absence benefits for members of the military if their college degree requirements (more...)

$225 Million Gift For The University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia philanthropist Raymond G. Perelman and his wife Ruth donates to the University of Pennsylvania a great gift of $225 million. “The largest single gift ever given to the University and the largest single gift to name a medical school in United States history.” It helps to recruit more of the (more...)

Teachers Leaving Kids Alone: Huge Cuts in PA Education

Philadelphia School District is facing really bad times under new budget cuts. 3,820 employees, which is 16% of its workforce might be shed. Officials said that there was no good choice, and PA education may suffer from even more losses. Here is the list of cuts:

  • 50% of central office,

Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day

Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day

The City hosted dozens of youngsters at a career day kick-off event as part of the annual "Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day" at City Hall today. The day of mentoring, a nationally-observed effort, is coordinated locally by the City of Philadelphia. The students teamed up with City employees. The (more...)

Community College New Regional Center In Northeast

Community College: New Regional Center In Northeast

State Sen. Mike Stack today joined Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) to celebrate the grand opening of the newly expanded Northeast Regional Center. Stack secured $1 million in state funds toward the completion of the project, which will nearly double the size of the center and expand (more...)

New Language Of Messages

“LOL”… At the New Language Of Messages

- Could you tear yourself away from your phone and talk to me, a real person? - Wait a sec, mom, I need to send a message. What a familiar dialog, isn’t it? It looks like the cell phone has become an extension of your own child.

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High school students take harder classes, do better

School Students Try To Take Harder Classes

A study has found that the more rigorous a students schedule is in high school, the better they will perform. The findings in the study urge students to take on harder classes in order to boost achievement.  The average grade point average increased to 3.0 in 2009 from 2.68 in 1990.  (more...)

Pennsylvania school vouchers

PA School Voucher: Your Choice

State Senator Anthony H. Williams and State Senator Jeffrey Piccola are introducing Senate Bill 1 also known as SB1 which is titled the Opportunity Scholarship and Education Improvement Tax Act.  The bill would allow low-income parents to choose where their children attend school.  This would allow for children in Pennsylvania (more...)

Child with laptop

Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmatic, and…Computers?

Throughout my career as a English student, I was constantly reminded that the print and journalism industry is rapidly changing and transitioning from a business of pencil and paper to a more digital dimension. Gone are the days where spelling and grammar skills are sufficient enough to get by in (more...)

Is Pennsylvania’s Budget Against the Education?

Gov. Corbett released the deep-cutting budget project. The $27.3 billion spending plan was received by conservatives. Republicans maintain that the budget will be completed and signed by the June 30 deadline for the first time in eight years. And everybody begin to study the fine print in Corbett's (more...)

New Evaluation System for Teachers and Principals

New Evaluation System for Teachers and Principals

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has formed an education task force in order to implement a teacher and principal evaluation system which would emphasize student academic achievement such as standardized test performance. Under this new system, student achievement would count for half of the teachers ratings.  In addition, roughly 70 to (more...)

Now What? A College Graduate’s Guide to Starting a Career

It's no secret that college graduates are facing hard times. With the economy the way it is, it seems like more and more college students are walking across the stage to receive their diplomas and getting right into the backseat of their family car to head home and wait out (more...)

‘Presidential Idol’ Contest Ceremony

Today State Sen. Mike Stack honored 15 local students for their award-winning speeches and posters depicting their favorite president during a Presidents Day breakfast ceremony. The students were selected from hundreds of entries in the third annual “State Sen. Mike Stack’s Presidential Idol Arts Contest.” “I’m (more...)

South Asia Centers Bring Region to Life Inside U.S.

Students in Philadelphia are often able to enjoy a leisurely day in India, wandering in and out of shops, stopping for a lunch of naan, samosas and curry, catching the latest Bollywood matinee and chatting in Hindi or Urdu throughout a culture-filled day. Though these students are still (more...)


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