Applebee’s Continues Tradition of FREE Thank You Meals to Veterans

his Veterans Day, Monday, Nov. 11, Applebee’s is once again continuing the tradition the brand started five years ago by thanking our nation’s veterans and active duty military and inviting them to their neighborhood Applebee’s for
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Thanksgiving: A Cornucopia of Culinary Traditions

In the autumn of 1621, almost one year after the English Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in what is now Massachusetts, they gathered with the Wampanoag Indians for a feast celebrating the colonists’ first successful harvest. A blend of Native American and English Puritan customs, the (more...)

EU Market Will Retain Access to High-Quality American Beef

U.S. beef producers will continue to provide European consumers with high-quality beef produced from non-hormone-treated cattle, the United States announced August 1. U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Michael Froman and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced in a press release that the European Union (EU) will continue to (more...)

Regional Cuisine Reflects National Diversity

The United States is a nation of immigrants; only Native Americans can claim North America as their ancestral home. Other Americans or their ancestors came to this land, creating what many call “the melting pot.” These immigrants brought with them the traditions of their homeland — (more...)

Initiative Privatizing Wine and Spirits Sales Passes House

In a historic vote, the House has passed legislation to privatize alcohol sales in Pennsylvania, getting the Commonwealth OUT of the business of selling wine and spirits, House Majority Leader Rep. Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny County) said upon passage of House Bill 790 by a vote of 105-90. “It’s a historic (more...)

To Require Labeling Of Genetically Engineered Food

State Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery/Delaware) held a press conference to announce the introduction of legislation that would require the labeling of genetically engineered (GE) food in Pennsylvania. If passed, Senate Bill 653 would become the first law of its kind in the United States. It has already received (more...)

Did Anheuser-Busch Watert Down Budweiser And Other Beers?

Beer lovers! Did you hear, that beer consumers across the U.S filed several lawsuits, accusing Anheuser-Busch InBev of watering down so-called "King of Beers" Budweiser and other alcoholic beverages to boost profits, according to the media.Budweiser ranks third in beer sales in the U.S. Lawyers represent consumers in (more...)

10 Great American Sandwiches

By Robb Walsh Like American cities, American cuisine is extremely diverse, with substantial regional variation. Perhaps no menu item illustrates this as fully as the humble sandwich. Below are 10 great American sandwiches, each linked to a great American city or region. Robb Walsh writes about food; (more...)

The Magic Comes True In The Restaurant “Tashkent”!

In restaurant "Tashkent" it is always sunny and comfortable regardless of the weather. And not only because of its flavorful food, but also because of its unusually warm and pleasant atmosphere. The restaurant "Tashkent" reminds of a miniature fairy palace. On its walls depict scenes, which can be roughly described as (more...)

Four Seasons Diner & Bistro: “Love all and serve all…”

Congratulations to all local connoisseurs of authentic middle-eastern shish kebabs and shawarma! Now, at the new, luxury restaurant Four Seasons Diner & Bistro, which had recently opened its doors right here, in the heart of North-East Philly, you can get a unique chance to not just taste these succulent and (more...)

A Taste of America: Gumbo

America’s cuisine is as diversified as the many immigrants who built the country. Television, the Internet, population movement and an efficient food transportation system have made many “regional” recipes and foods available throughout the United States. Nonetheless, certain dishes are associated with specific places. An example is gumbo, which

Turkey: Icon of American Thanksgiving

Although there is no evidence that turkey was on the menu for the earliest Thanksgiving dinners, most Americans today couldn’t imagine a Thanksgiving Day dinner without one. According to the National Turkey Federation, an advocate for turkey growers in the United States, nearly 88 percent of Americans

A Taste of America: Nachos

Nachos have become so “American” that it’s hard to remember the dish is a relatively recent “immigrant” from Mexico. Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya, who worked at a restaurant in a small Mexican town just across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas, invented the dish in 1943, when about a dozen

Journey Through World’s Cuisine Teaches About Community

By Mary-Katherine Ream
Staff Writer
Nosh is a Yiddish term meaning snack or light meal, but you will not find light meals at United Noshes, a Brooklyn couple’s five-year project to cook their way through the United Nations. “I feel about it the way most people feel about going to church. (more...)

Rosh Hashanah In Philadelphia: Apples Dipped In Honey & Much More

Rosh Hashanah occurs on the first and second days of Tishri and is commonly known as the Jewish New Year. The Bible refers to the holiday as Yom Ha-Zikkaron (the day of remembrance) or Yom Teruah (the day of the sounding of


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