French Chocolate in Philly

A love affair with chocolate began for young child in Paris, when he made his very first truffles alongside his mother, at age 6. Growing up one of seven siblings, his family would often enjoy fine chocolates together...on very special occasions.
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New York Fashion Week

When was the last time,that you shopped in Barneys, Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom? Experts said, many buyers from top department stores are shopping more but remain cautious, demanding value for money from retailers and designers after the worst financial crisis. Designers and retailers would need to give them a good reason to (more...)

Romance at Cairnwood

Rediscover Romance at Cairnwood! Taste Penns Woods Winery's premium selected 'reserve' wines while you sample some complimentary imported and domestic cheeses, along with other refreshments, provided by Sage Catering. Fundraising opportunities with sensational prizes will be offered throughout the evening. Experience the flavor of wines crafted right here in Pennsylvania while you enjoy (more...)

The Horseshoes From Stephen Starr

The Starr Restaurant Organization (SRO) would be opening at least four new restaurants in Philadelphia in 2011. Il Pittore is one of them, that is coming to the old Deux Cheminees space in Midtown Village in spring 2011 and serving authentic Italian fare. Another one yet-to-be-named restaurant should be open in the (more...)

Don’t Trust To Silicone Injections

A group of four women should arrive in Philadelphia looking to improve their physiques with buttocks-enhancement injections - two from the United Kingdom and two from a party in New York City.  But they were not be in time and just two woman from UK checked into the Hampton Inn (more...)

$6.5M Gift From Wharton Alumnus

$6.5 million is a gift to the University of Pennsylvania from Barry R. Lipman, an alumnus of the Wharton School of Business to establish the Lipman Family Prize. An annual prize will recognize organizations working to create sustainable solutions to major social and economic problems.Winners will be selected by an (more...)

$25,000 Toward Tuition to Perelman Jewish Day School

Perelman Jewish Day School announced a new tuition-incentive program targeted to middle-income families. It made possible by the generous support of  philanthropists Sandy and Steve Cozen. The Cozen Scholars Program will offer middle-income Perelman families with children entering kindergarten or first grade tuition grants of $5,000 each year for five years, (more...)

19th Annual Wing Bowl in Philadelphia

Jonathan "Super Squibb" Squibb, a 25-year-old accountant from Berlin, New Jersey devoured 255 chicken wings in 30 minutes and won the 19th annual Wing Bowl, Dressed in a Superman costume, Squibb defeated five-times champion Bill "El Wingador" Simmons, a former New Jersey truck driver. He ate more wings in the final (more...)

Super Bowl:What Type of Beer To Drink?

Sunday is a big day of Super Bowl. And many fans should decide what type of beer to drink during the four-hour television broadcast. The choice of lager or ale for the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers could depend on whether or not you're a football (more...)

Real Irish Pub Offers Guinness

What makes Moriarty’s Restaurant so special? It is an Irish Pub in Philadelphia unlike any other with award winning hot wings, famous Philly cheese steak, or classic Irish dishes. But not just this, Moriarty’s exists in a historical pre-Civil War building that’s lived through major political, social and (more...)

Sleep Drugs Can Leave You Groggy

Sleep Drugs Can Leave You Groggy

Ambien, popular sleep drug, can leave even the healthiest older people groggy and prone to stumbling, falling and confusion when they wake up, U.S. researchers reported. Kenneth Wright of the University of Colorado at Boulder and colleagues said, people should not avoid taking it but should be aware of the (more...)

$30 million For George School

When Anderson's mother became ill, her father decided to send her to board at George School. He did not want her to be a latch-key child. That is how Barbara Dodd Anderson, a native New Yorker, became the George School student. That was a difficult time , she (more...)

Megan Fox, Rafael Nadal Sizzle in New Armani Underwear Ads

Megan Fox takes it (almost) all off in a sizzling new advertising campaign that designer Giorgio Armani is set to launch for his Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans lines. She's joined by the world's number-one-ranked tennis player, Rafael Nadal, who poses shirtless in separate images. In one image, Fox stretches out on (more...)

Closet is Full But Nothing to Wear?

Here is the severe truth: women wear only one third of their clothes, and the rest of wardrobe contents just hangs there without any usage. But at the same time the annual funds spent on clothes assume threatening amounts. British researchers got to ladies’ wardrobes and discovered some very intriguing facts: 1. (more...)

“Work And Travel USA” For Russian Students

Every summer, thousands of college students from Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries come to the United States to take part in the Work and Travel USA program. Through U.S. State Department-sponsored exchange program students from certain countries have an opportunity to earn some cash working in U.S. (more...)


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