$30 million For George School

When Anderson's mother became ill, her father decided to send her to board at George School. He did not want her to be a latch-key child. That is how Barbara Dodd Anderson, a native New Yorker, became the George
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Megan Fox, Rafael Nadal Sizzle in New Armani Underwear Ads

Megan Fox takes it (almost) all off in a sizzling new advertising campaign that designer Giorgio Armani is set to launch for his Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans lines. She's joined by the world's number-one-ranked tennis player, Rafael Nadal, who poses shirtless in separate images. In one image, Fox stretches out on (more...)

Closet is Full But Nothing to Wear?

Here is the severe truth: women wear only one third of their clothes, and the rest of wardrobe contents just hangs there without any usage. But at the same time the annual funds spent on clothes assume threatening amounts. British researchers got to ladies’ wardrobes and discovered some very intriguing facts: 1. (more...)

“Work And Travel USA” For Russian Students

Every summer, thousands of college students from Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries come to the United States to take part in the Work and Travel USA program. Through U.S. State Department-sponsored exchange program students from certain countries have an opportunity to earn some cash working in U.S. (more...)

What Coffee Does For Your Health

Coffee may help to get you going in the morning, but what it do for your health? 1. In August 2010, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) stated that moderate caffeine drinking doesn't appear to have any major effects on causing miscarriage, premature delivery, or fetal growth. But the (more...)

“Yangming” Is The Top Chinese Restaurant

The suburban Philadelphia restaurant Yangming, located in Bryn Mawr, Pa., was named Top Chinese Restaurant in America for 2011 by Chinese Restaurant News. The awards banquet was covered on “CBS Sunday Morning.” Michael Wei is the owner of four restaurants in Pennsylvania, including the Yangming. He was among (more...)

The Most Stylish Celebrities 2010

2010 was a major year for celebrity style. Glossy magazines publish lists of  “the most stylish” celebrities 2010, The famous designers Dolce and Gabbana named Pattinson, often appearing in public in t-shirts and jeans, “very elegant and inspiring, representing a real modern man.” In second place the list of the most stylish (more...)

The Eighth Wonder Of The World?

A sandstone rock formation “The Wave” is colorful, undulating forms, and the rugged, trackless hike required to reach it. It locates near the Arizona and Utah border on the slopes of the Coyote Buttes in the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, on the Colorado Plateau. “The Wave” is made of Jurassic-age Navajo Sandstone (more...)

A New Breed of Volunteer

HUP’s Pups is the a pet therapy program of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania  for approximately 10 years, with several love able pups who spread cheer to all areas of the hospital. A new face at HUP has many patient units clamoring for his services. It's not (more...)

Teacher’s Romance With Student?

The Lower Merion High School (Pennsylvania) teacher was fired for having a romantic relationship with one of his students. When administrators learned of the affair,  science teacher Robert S. had been suspended with pay since December. The teacher, 43, has refused to discuss the case and sent everybody to his attorney, (more...)

A Gift Of Adventure, Discovery And Connection

As a nation we depend on the youth of each generation to carry the torch of Jewish continuity. That is why the Jewish community is willing to gift talented young people with a unique opportunity to experience the adventure and essence of connection by exploring their Jewish identity and developing (more...)

Top Developments In Casual Dresses 2011

Top Developments In Casual Dresses 2011

Top ten developments in sizzling casual dresses for 2011: Seafaring Stripes. Navy-and-white lines are an absolute must-have style which posses a surprisingly great level of flexibility. Nautical stripes appear incredible when paired with gold jewelry, red lipstick, and camel-colored high heels. The Fringe. Among the hottest elements of 2010, the flapper-influenced edge (more...)

Tears Send Message To Men:”No Sex”

Women's tears are a turnoff for men, basses on Israeli-an research. The Weizmann Institute of Science and Wolfson Hospital near Tel Avivhe study by on the role tears play in non-verbal communication, suggest that a chemical in women's tears lowers men's testosterone levels. Looking beyond any impact on sexual drive, the researchers (more...)

16 Million People Will Take Cruises This Year

16 Million People Will Take Cruises This Year

About 16 million people  will take cruises this year, an increase of 6.6% over 2010, with Europe, the Caribbean and Alaska among the top destination, according to information of CLIA, North America's largest cruise industry group with 25 member cruise lines. As CLIA reported, Gunard Line's new Queen Elizabeth cruise liner (more...)

Let’s Beat Weight Gain After Holidays!

Guilty of overeating during the holidays? Here are simple ways to beat weight gain” Drink water. Drinking helps you feel full. Some experts suggest sipping water (or iced tea) just before you sit down to a meal. Count to 10. Studies suggest that the average craving lasts only about 10 minutes. So (more...)


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